Hi, there. We’re the Dodds.

Howdy, there. We’re the Dodds. Well, I guess we’re technically one of many Dodds out there in the world, but that’s beside the point. We’re the ones who live in Greenville, SC and have been married since 2012.

eric-julie-dodds-joshua-tree-national-park-climbingWe think we live a fairly normal life, but the longer we’re around, we realize (and appreciate) that no one is really that normal. So, ordinary or not, here are a few particulars about us.

We are both entrepreneurs. Eric co-founded an education startup and Julie has her own floral design business. Along with enjoying each other’s company more than anyone else’s, we love the outdoors and traveling—and we’ve done lots of both untethered from standard 9-5 jobs, cats, dogs, ferrets or children. Not that we’re opposed to animals or children. In fact, the whole reason for this blog is that our very own new little adventurer has joined our team—but you can check out the main feed for all the cute pictures and such. Let’s get back to the originals for a minute.

Eric loves business and has truly enjoyed the opportunity to be a leader at work. He’s decently handy, having remodeled parts of two homes (the first of which he wrote about). He writes about work and other nerdy stuff on his personal blog. Outside of family and work, his primary obsession is mountain biking and he’s even tried his hand at racing, being no stranger to last place.


Julie is a creative at heart and has a knack for making things more beautiful. She’s studied floral design around the country and never tires of picking up fresh bunches of flowers to arrange. When she’s not at her studio, you can probably find her on a run, cooking a tasty dessert or planning an imaginary trip. You can learn even more about her in her blog post about turning 30.

Lastly, as you might expect, we are extremely excited about being parents.


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