1 day old

Rhett turned 1…day old today. Here are a few photos:

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 11

He passed the hearing test. Maybe one day he and his dad can enjoy good headphones together.

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 02

Finally got a shot of dad. (Great lighting, mom!)

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 18

Self-sooth thyself, young one. Team effort.

2016-08-24 Rhett Cameron Dodds birth 59

Nap time for everyone.

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 15

That’s one pretty mamma.

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 05

We’ve still got a ways to go to fill out the clothes. You’ll get there, buddy.

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 17

Precious. Adorable. And all of the other adjectives for this kind of picture.

2016-08-25 Rhett Dodds 09

Hedgehog dreams.


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