Welcome, Tress Opal Dodds

On December 5th we welcomed our second child into the world. She’s a beautiful little girl named Tress Opal Dodds. 

Here are a few pictures from the first few days at the hospital and at home. 

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Home at last

We’ve enjoyed the last few days at home, learning the ropes of feeding, sleep schedules and heavy-duty snuggling. Again, as far as newborns go, thing have been fairly smooth—in large part due to incredible mothers-in-law (and support from friends and family). Here are a few pictures of our hero in his new natural habitat:

2016-08-26 Rhett Dodds 01.jpg

Fast asleep, about to head home. After wriggling into a multi-point harness fit for a race car, of course.

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Hi, there. We’re the Dodds.

Howdy, there. We’re the Dodds. Well, I guess we’re technically one of many Dodds out there in the world, but that’s beside the point. We’re the ones who live in Greenville, SC and have been married since 2012.

eric-julie-dodds-joshua-tree-national-park-climbingWe think we live a fairly normal life, but the longer we’re around, we realize (and appreciate) that no one is really that normal. So, ordinary or not, here are a few particulars about us.

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